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31st July 2014

A Snapshot Of Some Of Our Work

She used to be in saunas but due to drug use cannot get work in the saunas any more, only option left is the street. Drug use costs £300 per day, if unable to earn that much on the street then she will shoplift, maybe robs punters or commits other crimes such as street robberies.

She is currently living in a shared house with another woman in very similar circumstances. She begins to access outreach several times per week, is arrested on a regular basis re soliciting, attends court usually when a warrant is issued, receives a fine so stays involved in the same lifestyle to pay the fine! and to fund hers and often a partners drug use. Months pass, she is still accessing outreach, talked to her about change, our exit support work etc. She is due in court again as she has been cautioned and arrested so many times for a number of petty crimes. Knows she could face prison this time, sick of street, boyfriend is locked up and she thinks she may be pregnant. She asks for an appointment, we will visit her or pick her up and bring her to the to the office. Pregnancy test first, positive, she is referred to Jessops specialist substance midwife team. One of us takes her for her first scan; she is automatically put on methadone. She wants to keep the baby; we explain how difficult that may be with her lifestyle. We explain what and who else will be involved, what support is on offer, that it’s more than likely the baby will go straight to foster care while she gets her life together. But the bottom line is all our clients have a chance, they just need to want it badly enough and access all the support on offer.